25 May 2006

Visit of Sri Nannagaru

On May 23, Sri Nannagaru arrived at Arunachala for a weeks stay. During his visit he will be often available for satsang in the mornings and evenings. His Ashram, Sri Nannagaru Ashram, is located at Rajiv Gandhi Nagar; about 2kms west of Ramana Ashram.

Sri Nannagaru is from Jinnuru, Andhra Pradesh and realised over 40 years ago whilst at Arunachala. Although he did not actually get to meet Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nannagaru took him as his Guru in 1957; and thereafter looked upon Arunachala-Ramana as his Satguru.

His teachings are primarily based upon Self Enquiry, Devotion and Surrender and although most of his satsangs are conducted in silence, he is readily available to answer doubts or pressing questions from visitors and devotees.

More can be found about him at his website:


Divyakka said...

Thanks for the info! Also it would be fascinating to hear of reports of other visiting/resident saints and holy satsang available there. And of course, tidbits about your own personal experiences would be great, too!

Arunachala Living said...

Yes thanks for the input Divyakka. Definitely will give reports of both visting and resident saints. Also happy to post titbits of personal experiences too!