6 June 2006

Arunachala Thought

By Annamalai Swami
(Annamalai Swami, one of the early devotees of Ramana Maharshi, was instrumental in constructing Ramana Ashram. Annamalai Swami (who many believed was realised) spent his later years in a colony next to Ramana Ashram)

. . . the Self is everywhere; there is no place that is without it, but it is also true that there are certain places, certain people, around which the presence of the Self can be more easily felt. In the proximity of this holy hill the presence of the Self is more powerful and more self-evident than anywhere else.

Indian mythology speaks of a wish-fulfilling tree. If you find this tree and tell it what you want, your wish will be granted. Arunachala also has this reputation.

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