23 July 2006

Arunagiri Yogi

In the early days of his time at Arunachala, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi used to roam a good deal on the Hill. One day he found in a dried up watercourse a banyan leaf of such enormous size that it set him wondering what tree could produce such a leaf. Proceeding further he saw, from a distance, a huge banyan tree growing on what looked like sheer rock. Thinking the tree must be the one mentioned in the Mahatmyam, he tried to get closer to investigate, but was prevented getting near by a large swarm of hornets that blocked his path.

According to the Mahatmyam, Siva is reputed to sit permanently under a banyan tree on the north slope of Arunachala in the form of a siddha called Arunagiri Yogi.

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