10 July 2006

Great Mahans

Ramana Maharishi came here and never left this place; Seshadri Swamigal came to this Kshetra and never left this place; Bhagavan Yogi Ramsuratkumar came to this Kshetra and never left this Holy Place; and so also Mahatmas like Guhai Namasivayam, Guru Namasivayam, Virupaksha Muni came and lived in Tiruvannmalai.

If so many Mahans came and spent all their lifetime here and their samadhis are to be found here, can one extol on the Holiness of this Kshetra? The known charitra (life history) of these Mahans are all within this past hundred years.

The sthala purana (history of this Holy Place) says that five Jivan Muktas are always to be found living in this place. Therefore, even today there are Jivan Muktas living in this place, though unseen/not comprehended by us. How many Jivan Muktas must have lived here in the past? If all their samadhis exist in this place, one cannot through mere words extol the purity of this place.

This is the Holiest of all Holy places.

[Sri Madhuramurali]

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