28 August 2006

Day Trip

This is my friend Valli, who went with me for a trip to visit some folk on the other side of what in the rainy season, is Samudra Lake.

This is some of the pretty agricultural land in the area.

The reservoir is currently empty but during the last rainy season, all the land you can see in both photos was over a foot under water. I've been told it was the most rain we've had in over 18 years. And in fact I think it was a very good thing as it may have provided a warning reminder to locals about the importance of maintaining reservoirs and water catchment areas. We can learn a lesson from Bangalore where high land prices persuaded the municipality to reclaim lakeland and convert it into estates. Unfortunately the plan went sadly belly-up when the rains fell and fell last season. And instead of beautiful housing estates they have one enormous sea of knee deep mud and silt.

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