19 August 2006


Work has just started on the construction of a Visitor's Centre which will be the focal part of the Mountain of Medicine eco-park. As soon as agreement was reached with the District Collector regarding the development of this Centre, an architect set to work and came up with a concept envisaging three separate blocks in one harmonious complex.

The blocks will house; a museum, environmental centre and office with herbarium of Hill plants, library, craft shop and cafe. To make use of the cooling mass of the earth, the buildings will be sunken into the ground around the base of a small hillock in the eco-park.

The eco-park is set just off the outer pradakshina path on Chengam Road, next to Palakothu Tank and close to Ramana Ashram.


Divyakka said...

It is inspiring to see so much interest and ACTION regarding helping the envirnment and educating the masses on its importance.

Disgusted from Chicago said...

I'm a little confused here. All these charity people and NGOs are always complaining about preserving the integrity of the Hill and whining when someone wants to build something BUT as soon as they get some cash, they start the same game.

So tell me what is the difference if its a private home or a museum in front of Arunachala? A building is a building and an eyesore is an eyesore!

The location of the Museum and all those buildings right in front of Arunachala is a BAD IDEA. You guys are meant to be preserving the integrity of the Hill not messing it up!

Arunachala Living said...

Must admit I have alot of sympathy with Disgusted from Chicago's viewpoints. We really can't shout at people building in front of Arunachala, if at the very first opportunity we do the same thing! Lots of other suitable places for a Museum.