14 August 2006

Ramana Trance

Talking about the time he lived on the Hill, Ramana once mentioned a vision he had whilst in a trance:

'I was wondering about aimlessly . . . I found at one place a big cave. When I entered the cave, I saw a number of waterfalls, beautiful gardens, tanks within those gardens, well-laid paths, fine lighting; everything there was most pleasing. As I went farther and farther I saw a Siddha Purusha seated like Dakshinamurti under a tree on the banks of tank. Around him, a number of Munis were seated. They were asking something, and he was replying to them. That place appeared to me very familiar. That is all. I opened my eyes.

Subsequently, after some time, when I saw Arunachala Purana in Sanskrit, I found . . . slokas which describe that cave and that Siddha Purusha, and so I was surprised that what had appeared to me in a trance was to be found in that book. So I wrote their translation in Tamil . . . its meaning is:

Though you are in the form of a fire, you have kept away the fire and have taken the shape of a Hill, mainly to shower your blessings on people. You are always living here in the form of Siddha. That cave that appeared to me is in you with all the luxuries of the world.'

[Letters by Sri Nagamma]

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