10 October 2006

Arunachala Ashtakam

Ah! What a wonder! Arunachala stands as an insentient Hill. Its action is mysterious, past human understanding. From the age of innocence it had shone within my mind that Arunachala was something of unsurpassing grandeur, but even when I came to know through another that it was the same as Tiruvannamalai, I did not realize its meaning. When it drew me up to it, stilling my mind, and I came close, I saw it unmoving.

When I approach Thee regarding Thee as having form, Thou standest as a Hill on earth. If with the mind the seeker looks for Thy form as formless, he is like one who travels the earth to see ever-present ether. To dwell without thought upon Thy boundless nature is to lose one's separate identity like a doll of sugar when it comes in contact with the ocean of nectar and when I come to realize who I am, what else is this identity of mine but Thee, O Thou Who standest as the towering Aruna Hill?

Extract from Eight Stanzas on Sri Arunachala
Sri Ramana Maharshi

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