5 October 2006

Indian Wild Boar

Body Length: 3-6.6 ft
Shoulder Height: 1.8-3.6 ft
Tail Length: 6-16 in
Weight: 91-711 lb.

The Indian wild boar has a brownish coat that is coarse and bristly, usually turning with age. Their wartless head is long and pointed with upper canines forming tusks that curve out and upwards. The lower canines are like razors, self-sharpening by rubbing against the upper canines.

Wild boars rest in tight groups with bodily contact. The resting place is used several times before being abandoned. These are excellent swimmers, and have been seen swimming up to 6-7 kms. The main diet of this animal is seeds, roots, tubers, fruits, nuts, carrion, eggs and insects.

Their Life span is 21 years. Sexual Maturity is gained usually at 18 months. Their mating occurs round the year. An adult male is solitary animal. Just prior to giving birth, the female isolates herself and builds a large nest lined with vegetation. Maternal families have on average 20 members, but can be of a maximum of 100 animals.

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