2 October 2006


India is a country of recycling. Nothing goes to waste! Your trash is truly someone's treasure. Generally the first one to go through the garbage is the rag picker who sorts out everything into categories: plastic, bottles and metal items. The next visitor is the wandering cow; which is a common site throughout the streets of Tiruvannamalai. Then the dogs come and jump inside the waste receptacles to have a good dig around. And finally young kids and scally-wags have a final check around to see if anything has been missed! Of course black pigs are always invited to the game to have a good sniff around the waste receptacle which is usually a large circular concrete tub. Root around dear little piggies. And who said recycling is a modern day concept?


Divyakka said...

Yes this is the original recycling that Mother Nature intended. Modern day recycling had to be invented because of cement cities with no wondering animals allowed!

Arunachala Living said...

Yes and I love my black piggies too. Have a nice root around there my little dears!