17 November 2006

The Visit

Started off from home by auto rickshaw stopping off for a quick petrol stop on the way to visiting Rangammal Rehabilitation Society. Must be that kind of day because everybody seems to be happy and smiling.

On the way I asked my driver to stop because I wanted to take some snaps of a pack of monkeys cleaning up waste bananas left on a delivery truck. They were having lots of fun chasing each other around the truck and also got to eat lots of nice ripe bananas. Just that kind of day!

The Rangammal Memorial Higher Secondary School for the Hearing Impaired (and all the other facilities in the six acred compound) is located off the Chennai Road about 6 kms south of the Big Temple and town. Arriving at the School one is greeted at the entrance by a beautiful statue of Mother Mary holding a young boy in a comforting embrace.


Divyakka said...

Lovely positive day to make me smile, thanks. ;-)

Arunachala Living said...

It was a wonderful day. Planned to stay an hour at the School - ended up having lunch and spending well over 4 hours there with the kids and teachers.

I left with a lump in my heart for the babies. But the atmosphere and energy of the school and staff is so BRILLIANT. So inspirational.