21 December 2006


Permaculture Course at Arunachala:
Annamalai Reforestation Society,
Permaculture Demonstration Farm
Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu
Jan 21-26, 2007
Facilitator John Button

Permaculture is a design process for recognising, utilising and harmonizing the individual characteristics of landscape (landform, soil, water, vegetation, animals) with the needs of the people involved with it, to create a system that is both productive and sustainable in the long term.

John Button, an Australian, has been working with Permaculture for over twenty five years, first in Australia, and for the last 15 years in India, South East Asia, continental Europe, Russia and the Canary Islands, including 8 yrs in Tiruvannamalai working with greening Arunachala and establishing various land use regeneration models, including the Demonstration Farm.

Permaculture is an attitudinal shift in our relationship with the environment, with which we can consciously design our living space into productive, practical, and not least, beautiful places that enhance our lives, as well as support the lives of others, including all species of plants and creatures. Harmony with abundance.

All courses and workshops are intended to provide participants with both the theoretical and philosophical background to make well informed decisions in their specific intentions, and the practical applications on which the information is based.

Consultancy and Design
John Button will also be available for consultancy and design at Arunachala from December 14, 2006 until February 2007

email: johnnaturedesigns@yahoo.com


Divyakka said...

May more and more people start putting permaculture into practise!

Arunachala Living said...

There is such a wealth of indigenous knowledge too - wish some enterprising folk tapped that and incorporated it into these new (to the area) programmes.