12 December 2006


It was recently announced that the Government would help farmers improve their waste lands. In this respect if a small farmer wishes to get wasteland improved by the Government, they need first apply to the respective Tahsildar (local land official) with details of the land.

The Tahsildar would in turn, send a report to the Director of Agriculture with full details about the land and then Department officials would decide on the nature of improvement and take up the work after consulting with the farmer.

Levelling of the land, removing bushes, setting up bunds, conducting soil tests, digging bore wells and providing pump sets would be some of the general improvements. Only lands which have been uncultivated for more than five years would be considered for improvement


Divyakka said...

Wow, a noble idea, may it be successful for all that apply!

Arunachala Living said...

The organisation and infrastructure is becoming much more efficient. So maybe there is a good chance that there will be success.