5 February 2007


Here in the countryside electric power fluctuations are all too frequent. To help protect all electrical items in my home (including my computer system) I asked the Electricity Board to send a lineman to put on clamps on my electric lines to try and stablise my power supply. So here is the lineman sent by the EB on top of the pole outside my home. As you can see he does not have much in the way of protective clothing or equipment and clambered up the pole with bare feet and just a few tools.

Now that's over the lineman climbs down in the same way he went up. As you will notice from the below photograph, the cement post is completely smooth with no foothold or handhold help for my brave, intrepid linesman!

Watching the whole exercise with absolutely no interest whatsoever is little Muffin, the young puppy in the family.

Casper, one of the older dogs in our family group, was definitely more interested in the proceedings and didn't leave his perch from the side of the house until the lineman had distanced himself far from our home.

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