11 March 2007

Temple News

Trust Board Chairman
It was recently announced that the new Chairman of the Temple Trust Board, would be selected by the recently appointed five Trustees of the Board who would choose the new appointee from amongst themselves.

This method of selecting the Chairman of the Temple Trust Board would over-ride the previous convention of the sitting Government arbitrarily appointing a person for the post. It was believed that formerly when the Government considered an appointee for the post of Chairman of the Temple Trust Board, invariably locals would be overlooked in preference to bringing in someone from outside Tiruvannamalai District.

Archakar Training
The archakar training for candidates from all communities to make them eligible for appointment as priests in Temples, as guaranteed in recently enacted State legislation, would begin soon in six centres, including one at Annamalayar Temple. Each centre would train approximately 40 students in Sanskrit Ahamas and Tamil Tirumurais.

There would be separate teachers for the two disciplines but it was decided that the Tamil Thirumurai teacher would be the head of the Centre.

Baby Girl Abandoned
Apparently a baby girl estimated to be about 10 days old, was recently abandoned at the gateway of Arunachaleswarar Temple. The child was fortunate to be abandoned live and at such a well visited site. In the case of other unwanted girl babies, their fate is often not so blessed.

This reminds me of a posting I made about a baby girl in similarly dire straits and her adoption by a remarkable, elderly Brahmin woman. You can read the full story at:


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