30 April 2007

Devanandal Farm

Shanti Vanam Trust of Tiruvannamalai have asked Arunachala Grace to give information about a farm under their control that they wish to sell. I have already posted this information on the May Arunachala Grace News which goes out this evening, but am posting additional photos of the farm on this Blog. If the farm is not sold to a private party, eventually it will get sold to a developer who will break it up for individual plot sales.

Anyhow, the area of the farm is northside of Arunachala near Devanandal village. As you can see it is in a undeveloped, unspoilt area with a spectacular view of Arunachala, which is probably about 3 kms distance.

The below photograph is of the small fruit plantation on the farm.

The farm has been well maintained and the soil is in good condition. The land is mostly flat with an excellent water supply.

This is one of the two agricultural water tanks on the land. Again everything in pristine and well maintained fashion. There is even a small rustic cottage on the land near the banana plantation.

Here the land is on an elevation and is well populated with indigenous trees. Again a spectacular darshan of Arunachala.

The below is of the protected water reservoir which is around 250 acres large. In the photograph there is not much water left in the reservoir, but it will get well filled during the next monsoon. As it is a natural water collector, development for building purposes will not occur, thus giving the pristine 11 acre farm an adjacent 250 acres of unspoilt land that will remain undeveloped.

If you are interested in finding out more about this farm, please get in touch with the Shanti Vanam trust at:

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