8 April 2007


This is a useful website to bookmark for all international travellers. The OSAC (Council) is comprised of 30 private sector and 4 public sector member organizations that represent a broad range of economic sectors and agencies operating abroad. Although the organisation is a Federal Advisory Committee with a U.S. Government Charter its very helpful in providing constantly updated global security reports. You can access their website at:

If you check out:
you will get a crime and safety report for Chennai.

Part of the report reads:

"Crime in Chennai's Consular district is moderate for a region that includes four states, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerela and Andhra Pradesh. While street crimes are frequent, they generally do not affect expatriates. Most reports of petty crimes are carried out by household staff that include theft and minor scams.

Road safety and road conditions continue to deteriorate in Chennai. Despite improvements in intercity highways and some effort to reduce city congestion, infrastructure has failed to keep pace with growth.

Foreigners are more likely to be hit by a car or motorcycle than being a victim of violent crime. Chennai police estimate that 6,000 motorbikes are registered each day, and that number continues to rise. The infrastructure cannot support this increase. Emergency medical response is also lacking in Chennai, which further exacerbates the problem."
Although this survey specifically relates to Chennai, it also directly applies to Tiruvannamalai, especially the comment regarding the infrastructure not being able to support the huge increase in motorbikes.

Until a few years ago most people got about Tiruvannamalai by bicycle, however the introduction of new financing regulations, has led to a huge increase in both automobiles and two wheelers. Even though Tiruvannamalai is a very small town, you really have to pay attention whilst navigating its roads; and that means paying attention for pedestrians too!

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