22 June 2007

Shanti Internet

This is S.Kumar the proprietor of Shanti Internet, the best Internet facility in Tiruvannamalai. As well as his own native Tamil language, he also speaks excellent English and German, so his organisation is very popular with visiting Westerners.

Inside the Internet facility; Shanti has 6 broadband hi-speed computers, 4 wireless laptop plug-ins, laser printers and scanners and international call facilities. Shanti Internet is run very efficiently and everything is keep in excellent condition.

It is also a very friendly, peaceful spot to spend time in and be assisted by a courteous and well informed staff. Shanti Internet also makes travel arrangements and are undoubtedly the best in Tiruvannamalai to entrust with train and flight bookings, car and van pickups and international currency exchange.

As well as all the above-mentioned facilities, Shanti also has an up-to-date video library for DVD rentals, the profits of which goes to their Children's Project.

The below photograph is of the outside of Shanti Internet Cafe.

In this quiet little street, a side gate to Ramana Ashram, located across the road from Shanti Internet Cafe, giving you an idea of just how conveniently Shanti Internet Cafe is situated.

The little boy in the next photograph is probably on his way to tutition at Shanti's Children Project which is adjacent to the Internet facility. The Project has been established to:

"find individual children, orphans, semi orphans, handicapped and those who are unable to attend school for various reasons, and support them with school fees, uniforms, stationary and medical assistance where needed. The projects' goal is to be able to support them throughout their entire schooling years. We put a special emphasis on young girls as they are generally less likely to receive education as it is the mans job in india to financially support the family. Therefore boys are given priority on limited education money."

Below is the tutition centre started up by the Project, in which school children, usually of poor families, can get remedial tutition to help them improve their school standards.

Class is in progress!

I think I've spoiled their concentration; whoops!

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Divya said...

I would definitely give Shanti Internet my business when in Tiruvannamalai!