6 September 2007

Countryside Excursion

A friend and I decided to go on a countryside excursion. It was a beautiful day and as we left the crush of Tiruvannamalai we were quickly able to experience the charms of outlying pristine rural areas.

Our intended destination a chain of hills about 12 miles southeast of Arunachala.

Its astonishing just how easy it is to get 'far away from the madding crowd' and crush of Tiruvannamalai.

The below photograph shows Arunachala from a different and unique vantage point.

In the next photograph, looking in another direction one can see a chain of more hills far away in the distance.

Below, an inviting road winding through the beginning of the reserve forest area which leads further into the quiet of the countryside.

Over the last several months we have been visiting land within a 12 kilometre radius of Arunachala and have discovered serene, pristine countryside land far from the urban sprawl of Tiruvannamalai. We will be posting regular updates of both urban and countryside land in our Blog, however if you have specific questions about the possibility of purchasing land in an area such as this, please feel free to get in touch to:

In the next photograph the comforting presence of the silent sentinel Arunachala. Somehow in the wonderful peace and silence of undisturbed countryside, the beauty and power of the Hill seems even more pronounced.

It was a beautiful day and we agreed to soon return.

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