26 November 2007

A New Beginning

During the Deepam Period, I attended a beautiful puja at the Animal Shelter to celebrate the establishment of their new Trust; “Arunachala Animals Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter”. It seems like every time I drop in at the Shelter that there is a new addition, more trees and more puppies. Its like a little colony of LOVE. Its so beautiful to see mangled dogs, beaten up by life, all of a sudden be offered a permanent sanctuary of peace and kindness.

If you are visiting Tiruvannamalai please drop by the Shelter on the Chengam Road, about 1 km west of Ramana Ashram and visit with the staff and dogs of this lovely sanctuary.

Below is the important cook of the Shelter who prepares the 100% vegetarian meals for the dogs and whatever other animal is resident (at this time there is also a lovely old bonnet macaque monkey).

A favourite place of mine - the puppy corner. The last time I visited the Shelter, I spent about 10 minutes locked in with over 20 puppies. What lovely little rascals, and all looking for a loving home and a kind master. Why not come and adopt one of these lovely scamps?

Below the puja for the incorporation of the new Trust.

In the below photograph Shanti, one of the indispensable workers at the Shelter and a real dog lover. As well as the Shelter affecting the lives of so many animals, it is also changing and enriching the lives of people too. In the case of Shanti, she was working in a supermarket and had no outlet to express the love she had for our animal friends. Now her life has been transformed because of her association with the Shelter. It seems like every time I see her she has a smile on her face.

The little white fluffy dog is very old and was tossed out onto the street by its master. When he arrived at the Shelter a couple of months ago he was cross, suspicious and tired. But now he has been transformed into a vivacious, cheerful and friendly little fellow. And one who definitely thinks he is the guy in charge! In this photograph he is watching the harmonium player with very careful attention.

In the upcoming Arunachala Grace Newsletter there is a lot more information about the Animal Shelter. For your free subscription, please go to the left hand margin of this Blog and click on the link.

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