22 November 2007

People in Town

By now its around 10 a.m. on Maha Radham day and the Vinayaka Chariot is still going around the perimeter roads surrounding the 26 acre Arunachaleswarar Temple. As the Chariot is being pulled along by devotees tugging on chains, it should take quite a few hours. The crowds gradually begin to build up as the morning progresses. So I go wandering the streets checking out whats happening.

Here is a man selling Chakra Valli Kilanku, which is a root vegetable reputed to be very effective in cooling body heat and also relieving and helping with all kinds of gastric and digestive problems. It tastes rather like sweet cucumber, and interestingly it tastes very cool - like it has just come out of the fridge.

Below a stall selling all kinds of sweets, candies, laddus and eatables.

Young lads roaming around selling toys, horns and flutes.

Everywhere you go, there are flowers. Most of which have come from local farmers who have brought in their blooms early in the morning.

Some balloons with lots of free advertising for Companies we all recognise.

A mountain of delicious, fresh, puri, a nice tasty roasted rice. The Indian version of snacking on popcorn - but in this case we have a rice eatable and a nice big mountain of it to get through!

Feeling a little hungry so stopped by Hotel Deepam on Car Street for a couple of Dosai Roasts. In front of the restaurant is a small store selling cigarettes, newspapers, sweets etc., which a young lad was tending on behalf of his Dad. Many of the children have up to 10 days holidays because of the Deepam Festivals.

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