11 November 2007

Welcome to Arunachala Birds

Today we started posting on Arunachala Birds, the third Blog of Arunachala Grace Network, and dedicated to sharing information about Birds and the related ecosystem of Arunachala and surrounding countryside. As well as information about the species of indigenous and migratory Birds at Arunachala, we will supply news and developments that will affect the life of Birds and Animals of the area.

Over the coming months we hope to give up-to-date information about Samudram Lake and the efforts of interested parties to develop a bird sanctuary at Tiruvannamalai. There will also be information and details of the species of birds both indigenous and migratory to this area.

The above photograph is of the beautiful 'Emerald Dove' an infrequent but common bird at Arunachala, which also is the official State Bird of Tamil Nadu.


Janice said...

What a beautiful bird. But I am surprised that you say he is the State Bird for Tamil Nadu - I thought that would be the peacock.

Arunachala Living said...

Yes, one would expect the Peacock to be the State Bird - especially as Lord Murugan (whose vahana is the peacock) is so popular in Tamil Nadu. Actually the peacock is the State Bird of Orissa - but that doesn't prohibit other States also declaring it.

As it is the Emerald Dove is quite lovely and I'm happy to have it as a symbol of the State.

arvind said...

And not to forget - that the peacock, the vahana of Lord Murugan,or Lord Skanda, or Lord Kartikkeya is the National Bird of India !!!


Arunachala Living said...

Thanks Arvind, I forgot about that.

Divya said...

Yes thanks Arvind, I didn't know that!

And such a beautiful bird is the Emerald Dove!