20 December 2007

Torrential Rains

Rain storms continue throughout Tamil Nadu. Currently the toll of various rain-related incidents in the State is thirty-four people. The weather office predicts more rains throughout Tamil Nadu over the next two days with downpours expected under the influence of a trough of low pressure, extending from the Commeron area to the South-West Coast of Tamil Nadu.

The State Government is geared to initiate emergency relief measures in rain-affected areas. It has already been announced that compensation of Rs.100,000 will be awarded to families of each rain-related fatality

Torrential rains have disrupted normal life; closing Educational Institutions on Thursday and also flooding several low-lying areas. Rough weather conditions and strong winds have kept fishermen away from the sea. Several reservoirs were filled to the brim following copious inflow, caused by incessant rain in catchment areas. Sattanur Dam (Tiruvannamalai District) has recorded a rainfall of 21 cm in the last 24 hours.

If you plan on travelling to Tiruvannamalai District or anywhere in Tamil Nadu, probably best to wait for a few days and let things settle down. Definitely anticipate a sunny Christmas!

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Divya said...

Be careful and don't go out and about in the flooding rain! It is sad that the poor, as usual, suffer the most in such situations. :-(