25 January 2008

Blessing Hand

The below are the idols, Annamalaiyar and Unnamlai, that are carried during processions. The idols in the shrine rooms (sannidhi i.e. sanctum sanctorum) always remain where they are. So it is these representative idols that participate in many festivals and also are carried on circumbulation of the streets around the perimeter of the 25 acre Arunachaleswarar Temple. The last time this happened was on the day of Thiruvoodal, 16th January during Pongal. The story of that occasion is really fascinating and I hope to be posting information about it within the next few days.

The same photograph but in more close up so you can see the beautiful detail of the jewels and dress of the idols.

And in even greater closeup the blessing hand of Arunachaleswarar (Annamalaiyar). Click the photograph to get an even closer view.

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