6 February 2008

Arunachala Grace News, February 2008

This day, the February issue of Arunachala Grace News was sent direct to subscribers email inboxes. The issue includes a narrative and explanation of the Thiruvoodal Festival, an important Festival at Arunachala but hitherto mostly unknown to non-Tamil speakers as a result of lack of availability of information in English. There are also interesting narratives on Dakshinamurti, the relevance of 'colour' in our daily lives, a delightful short story entitled, 'A priest who worshipped luck,' which explores the adage; 'A fool's curse can be a wise man's blessing!' and an essay on 'Life Purpose'. Our indigenous bird and plant/fruit of the month; are the Brahminy Kite and the ayurvedic and health properties of the versatile Coconut. As usual we have a section on 'Arunachala Tidbits', inspiration and poems.

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