31 March 2008

Animated Videos

Check out this great link here to watch many beautiful, animated videos on the mythology of India. The videos do not have an embed facility so you have to go to Rajshri site direct to watch them for free. You can also download them for a small charge.

I have no idea whether the videos are specifically targetted to children, but I can tell you they are absolutely great. Most of the animated videos are in English with a couple in Hindi. Just watched a very sweet video on the life of Shiva - check it out at this
link or at this You Tube link.


jivadas said...

Google posts a warning when I try to connect to this video site.

Arunachala Living said...

Hi thanks for the information. I checked the link for the animated cartoons at:


and didn't have a problem with it. Maybe you have the security settings on your Computer set at a very high level.

The animated cartoon site is a very nice site and seems to be perfectly respectable - so maybe you should check it out on another computer with different settings and firewall. Good Luck.