2 March 2008

New Statues

Below are some photographs of new and in some cases, rebuilt, statues at Pachaiamman Temple.

I actually liked the Temple better before the 'modernization' but suppose after a few years of sun and weathering, the statues will lose that 'bright lick of paint,' look and become more interesting.

Probably because the Temple is off the beaten track, lots of pilgrims and visitors miss out on the experience of visiting the Pachaiamman Koil. But its definitely one of the most interesting Temples at Arunachala.

Besides the magnificent statues, this is the Temple that Sri Ramana Maharshi moved to from the caves on the Southside, after that area was evacuated because of a smallpox epidemic. After the epidemic ceased, Sri Ramana returned to his home at Virupaksha Cave. However some time later, he returned to Pachaiamman Temple for a further six months to live with Ganapati Sastri and devotees.

Another interesting thing about this Temple is that other than arguably Guhai Namashivaya Temple, Pachaiamman is the Temple at the highest elevation on Arunachala.

There is an elite group of artisans well known throughout the Temple circuit who travel from one Temple to another throughout Indian working renovating and repainting statues.

If you have the chance, try to check out Pachaiamman Temple, its fascinating and so very peaceful.

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Divya said...

Gorgeous colorful pics.