26 October 2008

Mother Meera at Tiruvannamalai

Mother Meera was born on December 26, 1960 in the village of Chandepalle in Southern India. The state of samadhi soon became constant for Her. Under the auspices of Her uncle, she lived for some time in Pondicherry. She now lives at Thalheim, a village in Germany. It is said of her: "Darshan is Her silent bestowal of Grace and Light through Her gaze and touch. Mother gives darshan in silence. It is Her gift to humanity".

On November 13th of this year, Mother Meera will give darshan at Tiruvannamalai,with venue to be announced. From the 16th – 18th November Mother Meera will be at Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh.


M.M. said...

The location will be the same as last time: Meenakshi Kalyana Mandapam in Kamatchi Amman Kovil Street, near the main temple.

Suresh Anand said...

Best place to learn self~knowledge