10 December 2008

The Day Before

Tomorrow is the big day -- Deepam 2008, when the fire is lit on top of Arunachala. Hotels and rooms throughout Tiruvannamalai are full, roads repaired, provisions delivered, stalls set up and everyone is waiting for the sea of devotees to descend on the area.

The flower market is being constantly replenished with a continuous stream of garlands.

The annual cattle fair to the Arts College on Chengham Road is well underway.

Roadside stalls are full of eatables and snacks.

Even stalls promoting and selling milking machines have descended on this traditional, agricultural area.

The emergency services are well represented throughout Tiruvannamalai.

Lots of roadside restaurants selling snacks and tiffin.

One of my favourite stalls are the ones selling decorations and ornaments for cows and buffalos.

This enterprising artisan is carving and selling wooden icons of the Gods.

And one smart lady selling camphor and ghee lamps is taking rest before those crowds come pouring in.


Caroline said...

Thanks for the great photographs Meenakshi Ammal.

Divya said...

Village life is so charming, how busy it becomes during the biggest festival of the year!