6 February 2009

Exploration VodPod

Have just posted a new Video Pod at the left margin of this page with some interesting new videos:

The first of which is entitled 'Quantum Edition' and is comprised of clips taken from controversial film, "'What the bleep do we know - quantum edition."

The second video is the beautiful 'Shiva Rudrastakam' with meaning appearing in English during the video.

The third film is taken from the BBC series ‘The Story of India – Ages of Gold,’ narrated by Michael Wood. After 3 minutes, the narrator visits our own Tiruvannamalai during Deepam.

The next video is the fascinating exploration of astrology, sun worship and religion and entitled, 'Astrology and Sun Worship, Part 1' - I recommend this video for the 'open-minded' as it deals with controversial -- albeit -- fascinating concepts.

Finally the fifth video of this current Video Pod, 'Exploration' is a musical montage of the new luxury, eco-sensitive Sparsa Resort (hotel) here in Tiruvannamalai.

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