20 June 2009

Puja Function

Sri Nannagaru left Tiruvannamalai on Thursday, June 18th. Before his departure some devotees arranged a small puja function at the Ashram. Swami encourages devotees to follow what comes natural and easy for them. He also suggests his followers participate in girivalam and visit holy places such as Arunachaleswarar Temple and Ashrams (particularly Ramana Ashram).

In this context its interesting to familiarize oneself with Sri Nannagaru's words on Religion:

“Religion is a creation of the mind. Hence, it is called ‘Mata’. There are as many religions as there are minds. Religion and creed helps create feuds and dissension. If the welfare of society is not the goal of a religion, such a religion is not worth its name. Religion is used as an opiate and instead of making people wise it makes man a slave.

The Self is there prior to the birth of Religion. The purpose of religion should be to show the path to realization of the Self. One may worship his own God; but his love of religion and his love of God should not make him hate others.

There is no God without the Self. In the name of religion and personal Gods, men fight for their own aggrandizement. Religion creates narrow domestic walls. Our concepts stand in the way of our finding Truth. There is no God higher than Truth. Change of religion does not release one, but on the other hand change of mind does.”
[Sri Nannagaru]

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