10 September 2011

Monkey House

This morning I visited the Animal Shelter to consult with its chief veterinarian, Dr. Raju about one of my own dogs.

Animal Shelter with Arunachala

While there I visited the two cows who recently had operations, a horse recuperating from years of neglect, two orphan bonnet macaque monkeys living in the shelter since the death of their mother and of course some nearly 150 dogs either permanently living at the shelter or temporarily resident during treatment and/or sterilization.

I have written many times about the remarkable work done by the Animal Shelter and you can view some earlier postings here and here.

The Animal Shelter was originally intended to treat only homeless dogs. But subsequently many dogs are brought in after road accidents or serious illnesses. In addition an increasingly large number of “owner dogs/pets” are being brought in the Shelter for treatment.

Before the shelter opened there were no small animal specialists within 75 kms of Tiruvannamalai. As the reputation of the Shelter has grown, more and more “owner dogs” are being brought in for treatment. In addition there is an ongoing ABC Sterilization activity at the clinic and around 300 dogs brought to the clinic monthly for treatment.

Current monkey cage

Raja, the monkey's best friend

As well as dogs other animals treated by the shelter (which is open seven days a week plus special emergency services), includes: cats, birds, cows, calves, goats, horses, bullocks, donkeys, pigs, monkeys, squirrels, rabbits, eagles, parrots, peacocks, deer and snakes.

Almost all Shelter services are provided free of cost. However people with owner dogs are asked to pay a small amount, but in the case of financial difficulties, their dogs are given free care. There is no charge for homeless dogs. And to encourage adoption, free medical treatment (and family planning) is provided for life for dogs or puppies adopted from the Shelter.

Of particular concern to me this day was the welfare of two dear orphan monkeys (one of whom is recovering from a broken arm) and the obvious restriction of their small cage. The wish of the Shelter is to construct a cage of around 10 by 15 feet for convalescing monkeys, located inside a quiet area of the Shelter, far from barking doggies.

Size of proposed new monkey shelter

There have previously been many monkeys residing at the shelter. In an earlier posting I wrote about two juvenile monkeys who had been recuperating at the Shelter and were on that day going to a new life at an Animal Refuge specialising in the rehabilitation of monkeys into their natural environment at the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary.

Quiet spot for monkey shelter

Please visit the Arunachala Animal Shelter website to read more about the wonderful work of the Arunachala Animal Shelter and also learn about how to make a donation so that perhaps current and future monkeys staying at the shelter can have a large and comfortable environment in which to recuperate and recover.


Frank G. (Australia) said...

I have visited the animal shelter many times and am so impressed by the work they are doing.

Also feel more confident in giving donations to the Shelter as opposed to the numerous and I think often bogus Children Homes and Children Schools etc.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

I agree with you Frank about the bogus children homes, schools and shelters. If people really want to give their donations to kids, I always direct them to Shantimalai Trust and their school sponsorship programme.

But being that I am an animal lover, I would just as soon direct people to giving their donations to animal welfare groups such as The Animal Shelter (mentioned in this narrative).

This organisation is doing so much great work in the community. Previously if an animal was injured or sick, it would be left dying on the side of the road. But now we have an excellent facility worked by trained, loving professionals.

As well as that I now have a hospital to bring my own loved and spoiled doggies -- and in the case of emergencies my doggies have even got house calls!

Anonymous said...

Like the photograph of Raja with the baby monkeys. So sweet.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Good people doing good work for lots of darling animals.