8 December 2011

Sri Nannagaru Deepam Darshan

Sri Nannagaru traditionally visits Arunachala about four times a years. And one of those times (thus far) has generally been over the Deepam Festival. Sri Nannagaru hails from Jinnuru, Andhra Pradesh and visited Arunachala for the first time in 1957. He had taken Sri Ramana Maharshi as his guru, and had come to Tiruvannamalai to visit the samadhi of the great sage. It was while here that Sri Nannagaru began to understand the power of Arunachala. Within a few years of that visit, Swamiji had achieved the state of self-realisation, which he considers was given to him through the grace of Arunachala-Ramana.

Consequently one of Sri Nannagaru's missions in life is to encourage devotees to visit and develop a connection with Arunachala and also to inculcate his devotees with the teachings of Self Enquiry. A number of Sri Nannagaru devotees have now settled at Arunachala, and many others follow Sri Nannagaru from Andhra Pradesh on his periodic visits to this place.

As the puja was going on, buses and coaches continued to arrive at the Ashram filled with devotees who had travelled from Andhra Pradesh.

Today, this morning of Karthigai Deepam, crowds of Sri Nannagaru's devotees awaited his attendance at a puja and cow puja being performed at Swamiji's countryside Ashram.

And now Guruji Sri Nannagaru has come down from his room to attend the ongoing puja and later on the cow puja which was to be performed on the grounds of the Ashram.

The officiating priest was Sridhar, who used to be one of the senior priests at Sri Ramana Ashram.

And after the puja was complete Swami walked amongst many of his devotees to receive their prasad, answer questions and give his blessings.

My Tamil friend from Malaysia, Yogeshwari (who was experiencing her second Deepam Festival at Arunachala) and I waited upstairs outside Swami's room.

We received a word and prasad from Swamiji and thereafter we went back downstairs for a very delicious Andhra style lunch.

A very nice beginning to a very special day.

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