15 March 2012

New Ramana Library 2012

One of the current construction projects being undertaken at Ramana Ashram is the development of a new library (to be known as the Sri Ramana Granthalaya) at the site between the Ashram dining hall and the back wall adjacent to the lower slopes of Arunachala.

The downstairs of the library is to be dedicated to meetings, talks and workshops with the library and reading room located upstairs.

Work has been nearly completed on this structure.

Main Front Door of Library

Ashram Wall with Arunachala
in background

Front Door of Library from Outside

Front Door of Library from Inside

Ornate Pillars at Library Front

Ashram storerooms located at
front left of Library

Open Downstairs of Library

Ramp on side of building
going to next floor

Side View of new Library

Photograph of new Medical Building
at Ramana Ashram

Hotel being construction directly
opposite Ashram side gate

The next two photographs are of the increasingly busy Chengam Road, which runs directly in front of Ramana Ashram.

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