20 April 2012

Morvi Guest House Compound Project

In an earlier posting I gave an update on construction progress of the new Library inside the main compound of Ramana Ashram. 

Subsequently I recently visited the building project currently being undertaken at the Morvi Guest House Compound on Chengam Road.

Demolition of all buildings inside the compound was affected last year and construction is well underway on this enlarged accommodation facility for Ramana Ashram. 
Originally this project was set for completion by April 30th, 2012, but as can been seen by the photographs (which were taken last week), progress has not been as rapid as expected.

To look at earlier photographs, go to this link here

From what I understand once the new Library has been completed inside the main compound of Ramana Ashram, the books of the current library will be relocated to the new facility, and the current building demolished.

The historical central building of the Morvi Guest House is being preserved and will eventually be surrounded by guest rooms divided into three categories: 20 single occupancy rooms; 20 double occupancy rooms and 12 family cottages with living room and bedroom. 

Right outside the Morvi Guest House Compound runs the busy Chengam Road, which rather unexpectedly on the hot Summer’s day, was surprisingly quiet.

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murali said...

Ramanashram! Brings pleasant memories. I hope to back soon.