18 July 2012

Our Rukku

Right Click on all photographs for enlargement: 

The below series of photographs of sweet Rukku, from Arunachaleswarar Temple, was taken last Sunday July 15, 2012 while Rukku was walking on the Girivalam Pathway on her way from the Arunachaleswarar Temple located Southeast of Tiruvannamalai on her way to Adiannamalai Temple, located at the Northwest side of the Hill. 

They say elephants never forget -- well it seems that might be true, and my visits to her at the Big Temple with snacks and treats of cabbages and carrots were rewarded by a very nice series of poses. Specially like the loving eye contact of this last photo.


murali said...

beautiful pictures

Anonymous said...

how long did it take for the elephant to cmmplete girivalam ? hope it did'nt exhaust him.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Oh no, she wasn't performing girivalam, she was walking from Arunachaleswarar Temple to Adiannamalai temple (around 10 kms) for a function. After staying about a couple of hours, and eating a nice snack, she walked back to the Big Temple the same way she came.

Elephants in the wild walk hundreds of miles. The problem is she generally doesn't get enough exercise, so bet she loved her day out.

Even though she is known to all, her stroll caused much joy and excitement to people walking on the girivalam roadway.