8 September 2012

Ramana Ashram New Library

One of the current building projects undertaken at Ramana Ashram is now finished and the new Ashram Library is open. The new Library, which is circular in shape and comprises the upstairs of the building, has a much larger shelf capacity than the old Library. The new Library is known as the Sri Ramana Granthalaya. 

Front View of the Library

Upstairs contains the Library books
Access to the Library
Better view of ramp
The upstairs is completely circular

With shelving all around

It will take many years to fill the shelves of the huge new Library
View from one of the reading areas upstairs

View from upstairs
In the centre of library on ground floor looking up

Skylight in centre of ceiling
The downstairs is dedicated to meetings, talks and workshops

Centrepiece of downstairs, Lord Dakshinamurti

Lord Dakshinamurti

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