31 July 2013

10 Day Parvathi Amman Utsavam 2013

This day July 31, 2013 marks Adi Kodietram, the beginning of the 10 Day Parvathi Amman Utsavam. The photographs below are of the hoisting of an emblem of the Goddess on the Flagpole above the Amman Temple (in the Third Prakaram) at Arunachaleswarar Temple.

Hoisting Mother's Emblem

Flagpole, Mother's Temple

During this Festival the Goddess, Apeethakuchambal will be taken every day around the Mahaveedi. On Poornam Natchatram, the Valai Karpoo (Bangle) ceremony will take place in the Valai Karpoo Mandapam (in the Fifth Prakaram)

Flagpole at Mother's Temple in front of Gopurams and Arunachala

Flagpole, Arunachala

Goddess Apeethakuchambal

At the end of the Festival, Fire Walking will take place around midnight. Hope to give more details of the upcoming programme. 

Preparation for Fire Walking, a previous year

But for now, check the pictorial narrative about a previous Fire Walking Ceremony, at this link here.

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Divya said...

Feel like I am there in person watching it, with your vivid photos!