22 August 2013

Kumbhabhishekam event at Sri Ramana Ashram, August 2013

Tomorrow, August 23rd, 2013 at 7.00 a.m. Vigneshwara Puja will be performed marking the beginning of official functions at Sri Ramana Maharshi Ashram leading to Mahakumbhabhishekam and Deeparadhanai of Sri Matrubhuteswara and Sri Ramana mahalingams on August 25. 

The three day function marks completion of the renovation to the shrines and repair to the Gopuram and Vimana above the Matrubhuteswara and Sri Ramana Shrines. 

For the official schedule of functions, please check out this earlier link

The foundation of the Matrubhuteswara Shrine, in commemoration of Sri Ramana’s Mother, was laid by him in September 1939. The construction of that Shrine then proceeded under his supervision in accordance with agama rules and was completed in 1949.

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