20 May 2014

2014 Chitrapoornima Girivalam

An estimated 10 Lakhs pilgrims (one million) visited Tiruvannamalai this year to perform Chitra Poornima girivalam around Arunachala. After Deepam, Chitra Poornima attracts the largest number of visitors to Tiruvannamalai in order to walk around the Hill. 

During the full moon period and the days both previous and after, the area was inundated with heavy rain, which was the tail end of a storm coming up from Sri Lanka. The rain was welcomed by all, as it cooled the town and girivalam roadway down most effectively.

The two photographs below are of the daytime girivalm crowd on the Chengam Road (outside Seshadri Ashram) part of the girivalam roadway. However the BIG crowds mostly performed circumambulation in the night time of the full moon. 

Girivalam near Seshadri Ashrlam

Large crowds attended throughout the full moon period

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