30 September 2014

Sing to the Mountain

This video entitled, "Sing to the Mountain" makes me recall a famous saying of an Aboriginal elder at Uluru about the green ant ceremony. I am trying to find an audio of at least part of the actual green ant ceremony (which is referred to in this post). 

An observer of the green ant ceremony at Uluru writes: 

"The metallic humming of dijeridoos and the click-clack clapping of clap-sticks infuse the air with the trance of the aboriginal dream-time. Everyone here is busy learning their place. The whites are learning the ways of the aborigine. The aboriginals are learning the law of the mountain. The mountain is absorbing the interstellar beam of galactic information now arriving direct from the galaxy’s core at twenty-seven degrees Sagittarius." 

"This is the working of the ceremony to save the green ants, the aboriginal people and the dreamtime that holds the world together. The white people are too young to know this and too old to understand. Yet, you must listen to these words now and hear with your hearts, the singing of the mountain. 

The mountain sings. It sings like it has never sung before; it is singing now for you, for us, for every living creature on this beautiful Earth. The mountain sings its first and last song. The music comes from far, far away yet; it is inside you, inside the mountain, inside the trees, inside the rising sun, inside the stars, inside the little pebbles in the river, inside the kangaroo, inside the green ants, inside your mother, inside your father; the song is singing by itself inside every living thing. Now, the mountain sings to keep the world alive. When you hear the song inside your hearts, sing back to the mountain. Sing back to the mountain ... sing back to the mountain." 

[Invocation of a Chief Uluru Aboriginal Elder] 

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Sandra said...

Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Thank you.