7 December 2014

Lord Arunachaleswarar performs Karthigai Girivalam

Traditionally after Karthigai Mahadeepam Lord Arunachaleswarar performs girivalam (pradakshina) of Arunachala. This year that girivalam occurred this morning i.e. Sunday, December 7, 2014. Many of His devotees line the street to take his darshan.

Lord Arunachaleswarar

The Lord and Panchamoorthies performing girivalam

Procession goes around the full 14 km perimeter of Arunachala


Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it must take. They have to stop at every temple on the girivalam path. Probably the whole day I suspect! It is a lovely sight to see though.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

The Vehicle doesn't stop at Temples specifically, but where there are a number of devotees waiting for darshan. The priests on the Vehicle then offer Aarti to the Gods and give out prasad.

Saying that there are definitely some favourite spots where devotees wait for the Gods to come. Across the road from Ramana Ashram outside the Ganesha Temple is a favourite spot for Ramana Nagar devotees to come for darshan.