27 November 2015

2015 Deepam Festival. Day Eleven--Day: Gods on Hillround

On the morning after the lighting of the Mahadeepam, the Gods perform girivalam of the Arunachala Hillround roadway. There are only two times the Gods perform such a girivalam; the first time in the calendar year is during the Thiruvoodal Festival, and the second time is during the Arunachala Karthigai Deepam Festival . . . always in the morning of the 11th day i.e. day after lighting of the Arunachala Mahadeepam. 

Panchamoorties going through the streets of Tiruvannamalai

The Gods constantly stop to receive their devotees and for aarti to be performed

The Panchamoorties are pulled around the 14km Girivalam roadway, stopping frequently

The idols stopping outside the gates of Ramanashram

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Janette D said...

Beautiful that the Gods go round the Hill to give darshan to old and sick people that can't travel to the Temple.