10 February 2016

Aarti and Gods leave for Tank: Mahodhaya Maha Puniya Kalam 2016

The previous post on Arunachala Grace is a pictorial archive of the Mahabhishekam Puja performed  at Arunachaleswarar Temple's Siva Sannidhi. 

The below photographs are of aarti of that puja and shows the Gods leaving the Siva Sannidhi and then the Temple by the Thitti Vassal Gate on their way to the Ayyankulam Tank on Monday February 8, 2016. 

Sri Arunachaleswarar leaving the Siva Sannidhi

The Goddess leaving the Siva Sannidhi

Exiting the Temple via the Thitthi Vassal Gate

Goddess leaving Temple on way to Ayyankulam Tank

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