19 April 2016

Night Five: Vasantha Urchavam 2016

Below is a pictorial report of Night Five of the Vasantha Urchavam 2016 Festival. Special Night pujas and accompanying functions occur at the Big Temple each night from the 2nd to the 9th night inclusive of this Festival. 

The Gods exiting the Siva Sannadhi

Being carried by palanquin on their way to the Paneer Manadapam

Gods resplendent under Paneer Mandapam receiving flower tributes from a Gandharva Kanni (a celestial nymph)

Gandharva Kanni coming down from the Gallery on way to the Paneer Mandapam

"At 9 p.m. on the fifth and eighth days the Temple lights are switched off so that the procession is in the dark. After going around the sacred Mahila Maram ten times the lights are switched back on to great rejoicing."

Gods circumambulating the Mahila Trees in 3rd Prakaram

Lord Dakshinamurti under the Mahila Trees is decorated splendidly each night of this Festival

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The crowds are huge. Very Well attended.