19 July 2016

Darshan Queue Arunachaleswarar Temple: Guru Poornima, 19 July, 2016

Below photographs of the darshan queue this morning at Arunachaleswarar Temple's Siva Sannidhi. 

The line waiting for darshan starts in the previous 4th Prakaram

Queue starts in 4th prakaram and snakes around the 3rd Prakaram

Queue all the way round perimeter of Siva Sannidhi and then folds back on itself
Front of the long queue inside 2nd Prakaram and still waiting patiently

While many devotees visited Arunchaleswarar Kovil and other Temples at Tiruvannamalai on this day of Guru Poornima, others started early on their Arunachala girivalam walk.

Crowds beginning early on 19 July, 2016

Today was cool and fresh, perfect weather for Arunachala girivalam

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