2 August 2016

Morning walk under Arunachala's Loving Eyes

Even though there is ongoing development throughout the Tiruvannamalai area, still some lovely spots exist in which one can relax and enjoy. The bottom photographs are of a morning's excursion with my doggies at the Samudram Eri. As previously mentioned in many earlier postings, over the last eight years industrial level sand quarrying is being undertaken in many areas of the 750 acre Eri. 

About a month ago a halt was made to the sand quarrying, whether this is a temporary or permanent halt, only time will tell. But the halt has already been long enough for life to calm down after years of continuous noise and noxious fumes from the many sand diggers and heavy truck earth movers that have been infesting the Eri. So lets just enjoy the peace and see what happens. 

Nearby State Reserve Forest adjacent to the Eri

Acres of undisturbed Reserve lands

Artifical lakes have been created by the sand digging which are now hugely popular with both domestic and migratory birds

Fabulous Banyan Tree on Bund of Arunachala Eri

My little Holly lost in all the greenery

Magnificient darshan of Holy Arunachala

Darshan of the Arunachaleswarar Temple's Raja Gopuram bottom of Hill slope

Numerous artifical lakes and ponds have created by sand exacuvations. My doggie Max having a leisurely swim!

Parvathamalai Hill in background. Hope to be visiting and performing the 25 km girivalm soon. Will post photos

Large number of Fork Tail Kites on the Eri in the mornings

White doggie Max, black doggie Winnie, manoeuvring for stick rights!

Side of Eri: Preparing fields in the old fashioned way for Paddy planting!!!


Anonymous said...

Very Nice. Thank you

Divya said...

Thanks for a peaceful virtual morning walk, love pretty nature and wide open spaces! And you know how I adore seeing your babies enjoying freedom in the great outdoors, they looks so healthy and happy!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

The doggies are all happy and fit and have turned into great swimmers . . . except for Muffin (the little blackie dog) who is still super scared of the wet stuff.

Savitri Poornima said...

Dear Meenakshi thank you for this post with the beautiful photos. It brought tears to my eyes. Feel so grateful and blessed to live in this sacred land, abode of Lord Shiva. Your doggies are simply superb. I love them!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

It is indeed a blessing to be living here in this great and peacefilled land.

Radha Balasubramanian said...

Dear Meenakshi

I had been to Parvatha Malai yesterday after reading your earlier blog with mesmerizing snaps. Had good darshan of the Almighty. It was indeed an experience beyond words.

As you have mentioned, the place has gained immense popularity, there were lot of devotees yesterday. Sadly, with popularity, also comes the negatives. There are lot of stores for refreshments available now on way to the top. What disturbs me highly is the fact, that there are plastic bottles, cups and other plastic things which can never be destroyed, thrown here and there in plenty all over the path. Wish there was greater civic sense, some dustbins to throw the waste. I only wish some Government Authorities take notice of this immediately and ban all plastic things with immediate effect before it is too late.

It was however blissful experience overall, the green cover enveloping the entire hills , with gentle breeze blowing is something which pulls you again and again.

I am regular reader of your blog and it almost seems one is right in centre of Arunachala after reading them even miles away.

My best wishes for Max for his speedy recovery.


Gopal K

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Dear Gopal:

You made it to Parvathamalai before I did. So glad it was a good experience for you. Am very much looking forward to my upcoming visit. However I don't plan on climbing to the top . . instead hope to perform circumambulation of the 25 km circumference of Parvathamalai.

What you say about plastic waste at Parvthamalai is unfortunate . . . but also a problem that we have to deal with here at Arunachala. Some years back Ramana Ashram had a big trash collecting programme with devotees collecting rubbish from the top of the Hill -- putting the trash in giant plastic bags . . . which they would fill and then bring down the Hill on their way down.

I know labourers climb Parvathamalai daily to bring to the summit building materials and other supplies. Maybe it might be possible for them to take empty black trash bags and then on the way down (after their delivery on the summit) fill up the bags with empty plastic bottles and trash.

When I visit will have a chat with the Ashram at the bottom of the Hill which is part of a Trust based in Chennai. If they are interested including a service in the aims of their Trust, I would be very happy to publicise their work on Arunachala Grace and my website.

Radha Balasubramanian said...

Dear Meenakshi

Thank you. I feel banning of Plastic things up the hill is only way to go forward. Having said that, it is easier said than done.

If there is some way to provide water to devotees at regular intervals [there is already a pipeline, going all the way from the foot to the top of the hill] Locals said it is a recent development, they did this along with renovation of the temple. However, even at the top of the hill, water is not available.

So obviously, devotees have to purchase water from refreshment stores, even if that means paying hefty price. Also eatables, glucose drinks. While perishable items are still ok, it will get dissolved over a period of time, plastics is something which is of quite concern.

I had been to Skanda Ashram couple of days back, Arunachala is quite clean and there are green trashes kept at regular intervals, but there are plenty of plastic bottles all over the path in Parvathamalai. You simply cant afford to destroy such a pure hill.

Thank you for thinking of taking up the matter with the Trust. If they are interesting, they might have some better practical solution. If not them, I have put my prayers to Lord Shiva about this, I am sure, one need not to look beyond him for any solutions :-)


Gopal K

Meenakshi Ammal said...

I just wish all plastic was banned completely both at Arunachala and Parvathamalai. Its nasty stuff and we all managed just fine before its introduction into the area. Its a massive undertaking to try and get plastic rubbish under control . . . sometimes it seems like we are sinking in a sea of plastic especially the day after full moon on the girivalam pathway.

Glad to hear that the situation is better walking up the Hill . . . thats good news . . . every bit helps.

Lets see what happens now.