6 August 2016

Pictorial Report: 2016 Adi Puram Arunachaleswar Temple -- Firewalking Ceremony

The last part of the 2016 Adi Pooram festivities observed at Arunachaleswarar Temple was the Firewalking ceremony conducted in front of the Mother’s Shrine in the Temple’s 3rd Prakaram. Devotees prepare for their firewalk at the Temple’s Theertham. Great logs are burnt down and the burning embers laid in front of the Mother’s Shrine at Arunachaleswarar Temple. The Mother is brought out by palanquin from Her shrine to watch Her devotees perform their firewalk, as a test and celebration of their devotion to the Divine. 

I have written at length about the symbolism and unique significance of this firewalk ceremony at Arunachaleswarar Temple—a Shiva Sthalam. For more information please refer to an earlier posting at this link here

Logs being prepared for the firewalk ceremony

Mother being brought to the front of her Shrine to watch the Ceremony

Specially approved Devotees who will be undertaking the firewalk ceremony

Burning embers placed in front of the Mother's Shrine: 3rd Prakaram

Devotees rushing over the burning embers

2016 Adi Pooram Firewalking Ceremony: Arunachaleswarar Temple

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Anonymous said...

Its amazing that a Shiva Temple has fire walking dedicated to the Mother. So unique to Arunachaleswarar.