9 December 2016

2016 Arunachala Karthigai Festival: Day 7. All Day—Maharadham Procession

In an earlier post, I wrote about parents performing circumambulation of the mada veedhis (perimeter streets) of Arunachaleswarar Temple carrying their child in a "sugarcane cradle". To read more about this, go to the earlier post at this link here

The most popular day for performing this vrata (vow) is the day of Maharadham (giant chariot/car). From early morning parents and family members have been purchasing their sugarcane from vendors throughout Car Street. And then off they go on their Temple rounding. 

Parents with their sugarcanes near the Panchamoorthi Radhams lined up on Car Street

Endless supply of sugarcane for sale throughout Car Street

Parents with child in its sugarcane cradle start off on their circumambulation of Arunachaleswarar Temple mada veedhis

The Ter (Chariot)

“Ter-pulling Festivals are to be understood as a royal progress. In Tamil Hindu Temple rites, the “ter” is at once a war-chariot, a mobile palace and a representation of the God’s Temple. During these Festivals the God (or Goddess) is enthroned on his “ter” and vested with royal trappings; the great car is then drawn in triumph along its designated procession route. 

This route is the Deity’s symbolic kingdom. As He proceeds among His worshippers, He (or the priest-attendants who act on His behalf) receives the offerings which are presented by His subject-devotees; the God returns these presentations in the form of prasad. These ceremonial exchanges affirm the God’s sovereign status, and they also express the bonds of social rank and primacy which are continually being built up and recorded among his devotees.” 

[Saints, Goddesses and Kings by Susan Bailey] 

The pink structure next to the Maharadham is from where people cross over into the Maharadham

Maharadham on its procession route passing through Car Street

After having turned the corner of Car Street Street the Maharadham proceeds up the slope of Tiruvoodal Street

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Its just gigantic. Like a huge house on wheels.