2 February 2017

Broadcasting Preparations underway for 2017 Arunachaleswarar Temple Mahakumbhabhishekam

The erection of scaffolding (in order to facilitate the priests consecrating Shrines and Vimanas with sanctified water) at Arunachaleswarar Temple is complete. 

Proceedings on February 6, 2017 will be broadcast on 20 large LED screens both in the Temple and in strategic spots around Tiruvannamalai. In this respect technicians have been busy setting up their camera and sound equipment around the Temple compound.

As soon as the broadcasting schedule is announced will post details on Arunachala Grace. 


Susan Davies said...

I was able to follow the 2016 Deepam online because of the information you gave. Look forward to watching the February 6 function after you give links. Thanks.

Sagar Bhavsar said...

llOm Arunachaleshwaray Namah ll

Dear Sir,

Its my humble request to you and your team please try if is it possible to telecast live stream of the Kumbhabhishekam on this site.

Thanks a lot for daily updates on this site due to which we all actually feel like we are in Tiruannamalai only with our Lord Arunachaleshwaray and Mata Unnamalai.